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Our guarantee is the same as it has been. We carry genuine Ford and top quality reproduction parts which are separated by part numbers in our catalog.  If you are not satisfied with any unused item you purchased from us you may return the item within 45 days of purchase for an exchange or refund. If you have used the item and still are not satisfied with the product please let us know and we will try to work out a mutual solution.
If you need to return an item please call us for a return authorization.  When returning an item please include a copy of the invoice and information concerning the reason for returning the item and if you desire a refund or exchange. All returns must be freight paid by you unless we are at fault. Please do not return items C.O.D. because we cannot accept them.  Returns without a valid reason are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  No refunds on special orders.
Please inspect the contents of your box when you first receive the merchandise. Many times we pack items inside other items for protection. All orders are checked by two different people to insure our customers receive the items they ordered. However, if you discover your order is not complete please contact us within 14 days of ship date.
If you see the container is open or damaged in any way please inspect the contents at once for any damaged or lost items and report  to the carrier immediately to file a claim. The carrier will return the parts to us. Also contact Texas Mustang Parts concerning the replacement of the lost or damaged parts within 14 days. Please save all paper work until your order has been returned by the carrier.
To the best of our knowledge all items we sell are free of defects in materials and workmanship. Should an item prove otherwise we limit our liability to the replacement or refund on that item.
We do our best to provide the best products at the lowest prices. However, there are times we must change the price due to an increase or decrease in our cost on the product and reserve the right to do so.
We try to maintain inventory of all items we show in our catalog except for special order items to meet customer demand. However, there are occasions we must back order a part. Most back orders are shipped within 10 to 20 days.  On credit card orders we do not bill back ordered items until they are shipped unless we know the item is due any day.
Orders are shipped to the billing address only.  Orders with incorrect address may be delayed or refused for delivery.
Charges are based on actual weight. Minimum freight, $8.50.
We pay freight on most orders over $500.00, except on oversized items. Also the item(s) must be UPS ground acceptable. Does not include airfreight. No free freight on oversize items.
UPS only provides Next-Day and Second-Day service to Alaska & Hawaii, The customer is responsible for all freight charges. No C.O.D. shipments.
All items which are too large or heavy to be shipped via UPS must be shipped motor freight The freight on these orders must be prepaid by the customer.  These items include hoods, fenders, quarter panels, doors, trunk lids and windshields. Most motor freight items are noted in our catalog.
To avoid mistakes due to language differences please submit your order as follows:
1. Use our regular order form or a facsimile complete with part number and description.
2. Please mail or Fax (254-662-0455) the order.
3. You may pay with your Visa or Mastercard if you provide the card number & the bank name, address, and phone number. We only ship to the address where you receive your charge card statement.  We also accept Cashier's Checks & Transfer of Funds.
4. We usually ship via UPS or Burlington Air Freight.  Usually Burlington is less expensive but you will have to pick up the order at the nearest major airport.  If UPS or Burlington is not acceptable, please indicate your desired method of shipment.
5. Freight charges are based on actual weight and method of shipment and usually cost at least 50% of the order. Freight must be prepaid.
6. There is a $50.00 minimum purchase on foreign orders with a minimum freight of $25.00.
All first time international buyers are required to pre-pay by bank transfer, money order, or credit card for orders over $500.  Other restrictions may apply.  Please check with your salesman.
Some parts may not be legal for use in California or on any pollution controlled vehicles.  Some parts for off-road use only.
Check the contents before you sign to accept the merchandise.  If the contents are damaged, then have the driver make a note on the receipt.  If the contents are damaged and not noted on the receipt, the carrier will not allow a damage claim once the driver has delivered the order. 
The merchandise cannot be returned.
TECH/INFO 1-254-662-2893

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If your interested in joining the McLeod Racing Distribution Team and becoming a Dealer or Jobber please  CLICK HERE and complete our Dealer Information Application Form. Please allow 3-4 weeks after submitting your application. All applications are carefully reviewed and territories are considered prior to approval. McLeod Racing offer's several tiered programs which require various minimun sales volume. We will do our best to find a program that fits your company, if not we will refer you to a suitable Dealer.

Current McLeod Dealers/Jobbers ONLY, please reach out to our McLeod Marketing Team for ways to promote McLeod Racing Products, Increase Sales and Improve our products and service. We appreciate your continued support.

MAP Pricing

McLeod Racing LLC (McLeod) is adopting a comprehensive MAP policy for its products. While McLeod currently has an existing MAP pricing policy in place, this is the first edition of its policy in written form. This policy is dated April 25, 2013 with an effective date of June 1, 2013.

1. PURPOSE. McLeod is instituting this MAP policy in an effort to protect the McLeod brand name from degradation due to low advertised prices. McLeod is a well-respected brand-name in the automotive field – specifically within the driveline segment – and has made it a goal to nurture its brand-name and protect against anything that may erode same. Declining advertised pricing creates the likelihood that McLeod’s brand will be viewed in a negative light as an inferior or cheap product. This policy is aimed at preventing the aforementioned from occurring.


a. MAP Pricing is defined in the McLeod PIES Price Sheet as Retail MAP. McLeod MAP pricing is also defined as Retail MAP in our electronic PIES data feeds. No other price files or data feeds should be used to determine MAP.

b. Advertising is defined under this policy as any form of commerce in which a McLeod product is listed at a particular price, including but not limited to: internet advertising (including not only an advertised price at an e-commerce store but also any and all social media postings), print advertising (catalog, brochure, letter), e-mail, or online auction;

c. All customers of McLeod agree not to advertise McLeod products below the set MAP price determined by McLeod Racing

d. It is considered a violation of this policy to indicate in advertising that a lower price is available by contacting McLeod’s customers;

e. This MAP policy includes all current and future McLeod Part numbers;

f. MAP prices for each of the aforementioned product numbers will be found in updated McLeod pricing lists or by request to McLeod.


a) On a limited basis, a customer may, at the sole discretion of McLeod and requiring prior approval, list one of the aforementioned McLeod items for sale below MAP for a limited time. A sale may not be deeper than 8% of MAP (eg: if MAP is set at $100, the item may not be advertised for sale for less than $92) nor will a sale run for more than 31 calendar days;

b) Limited social media announcements regarding a sale of a MAP protected item may occur in conjunction with McLeod’s “Dealer of the Race” program or other “special” program only in conjunction with and approved by McLeod.

4. VIOLATIONS. In the event that a customer of McLeod violates the MAP price, McLeod will make all reasonable attempts to notify said customer of its violation. If the MAP violation is not corrected in an expedient manner, McLeod shall take the following remedial steps to protect its brand:

a) 1st violation – written warning with 24 hours given to correct the MAP violation;

b) 2nd violation – suspension of a customer’s account and freezing of any product

shipments to customer until the violation is corrected;

c) 3rd violation – customer forfeiture of any and all promotional funding;

d) 4th violation – termination of a customer’s account;

5. DISCLAIMER. This MAP policy is in no way attempting to control the price that a customer actually sells one of the aforementioned products for. This policy is strictly created to prevent advertising of McLeod products below a certain threshold so as to maintain brand credibility. Nothing in this policy should be construed as dictating the final sale price of any item under this policy.

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